Contour, Contour, Contour !


Picture provided by, Nilo Haq : Power Of Contouring

Want a flawless, professional makeup look?  Well then you must learn the power of contouring. With contouring, you have the power to make features look slimmer, or even create the illusion of a face lift! you can literally sculpt and a accentuate features of your face.


  • Defines the cheekbones
  • Defines the jawline/chin
  • Reduces the look of a “double” chin
  • Shortens a large forehead
  • Straightens, narrows or minimizes a larger nose.
  • Lift sagging eyes

Watch this amazing tutorial by beauty logger, Jacklyn Hill for beginners that want to learn how to successfully achieve the contour look. Make sure to follow her as well for more beauty tips & tricks!


Lets Talk Eyebrows!


Picture by, Keiko Lynn: How To Get The Perfect Brows

Now everyone knows the new trend: thick and flawless eyebrows are a must have. If you don’t have your eyebrows on “fleek”, then you’re definitely doing something wrong. The eyebrows are one of the most important features you have, so use them! They frame the face, your other facial features and they can either make or break a makeup look. In this beauty article, professional makeup artist Sara, from Beauty Point Of View , gives advice and discusses the importance of properly shaping your eyebrows. She also gives tips and pointers on achieving the perfect shape to frame your face properly, as well the correct method to filling them out.

Fall Makeup Musts!


Picture Provided by The Fashion Guru Of College 


With Fall here and Winter around the corner also comes new exciting fall trends!

2015 fall/winter looks seem to be focussing on a bold lip this year! Stick to cool facial tones and plum, wine, and burgundy lip colors. Achieve the ultimate fall look by using mostly matte cosmetics. A matte face and lip are the way to go for the winter time. Watch Beauty Blogger LABEAUTYGIRL ‘S fall/winter inspired makeup tutorial, where she executes a simple eye with a statement lip. In my opinion, I absolutely love this fall look and will definitely will be trying it for the upcoming season.

Makeup Do’s and Don’ts


Discover these easy steps to avoid some of the following makeup don’ts! How often do we find ourselves committing these huge makeup don’ts? :

  • Overdoing your blush and bronzer
  • Neglecting your eyebrows
  • Unflattering lipstick shades

This  is an excellent video to help you with just that. Beauty blogger, Lauren Curtis, teaches us how to fix these common makeup mistakes with her makeup expertise. She talks about how easy it is to over do your makeup making it look unnatural and “cake(y)”, how neglecting your eyebrows can improperly frame the face and how lipstick that is shades too light can washout your complexion and make your look seem unflattering.