Contour, Contour, Contour !


Picture provided by, Nilo Haq : Power Of Contouring

Want a flawless, professional makeup look?  Well then you must learn the power of contouring. With contouring, you have the power to make features look slimmer, or even create the illusion of a face lift! you can literally sculpt and a accentuate features of your face.


  • Defines the cheekbones
  • Defines the jawline/chin
  • Reduces the look of a “double” chin
  • Shortens a large forehead
  • Straightens, narrows or minimizes a larger nose.
  • Lift sagging eyes

Watch this amazing tutorial by beauty logger, Jacklyn Hill for beginners that want to learn how to successfully achieve the contour look. Make sure to follow her as well for more beauty tips & tricks!


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